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The Posada San Pelayo is located in the heart of the region of Liébana, surrounded by Peña Sagra, the Cantabrian Mountains and the Picos de Europa. .

The Picos de Europa are a mountainous massif that belongs to the central part of the Cantabrian mountain range. Although it is not very extensive, its proximity to the sea makes it prodigious in geographical features of great interest. At the moment, the Picos de Europa National Park is the second most visited national park in Spain. The Picos de Europa are divided into three massifs: the Western massif, also know as Cornion, the Central massif or Urrieles, and the Eastern massif or Andara.

It represents the ecosystems linked to the Atlantic forest, the largest limestone formation in Atlantic Europe. It has important karstic processes, chasms reaching over 1,000 m, an evident glacial erosion and lakes.

Taking a walk from the Posada San Pelayo you will be able to contemplate the chamois among its cliffs. In the forests you will see roe deer, wolves and occasionally even some bears, as well as more than 100 species of birds that inhabit it.

But there is not only nature in Posada San Pelayo, there are also centuries of history in the surrounding villages, the churches, the cabins, etc.

You can enjoy the magnificent Villa de Potes or visit the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, which houses the relic known as the Lignun Crucis the Cross of Christ.

And of course, you can taste the delightful gastronomy of the Liébana Valley with its artisan cheeses. Its chickpea stew (cocido lebaniego) is one of its culinary stars. It is cooked using the typical chickpeas of the area (small and tender), dry and cured meat (cecina) or fresh meat, cabbage and fried and boiled breadcrumbs with egg (relleno). Its famous handmade liquors such as orujo is a pleasure for the senses.



Walks and Excursions

The aim of this on foot set of routes and itineraries from the Posada San Pelayo is to bring visitors closer to some of the best of our natural heritage in Liébana. The landscape, the mountains, the woods, the villages... can be incredibly enjoyed if they are discovered by hikes like the ones we suggest. These excursions will always facilitate the discovery of these corners and the encounter of everything that may be worthy of surprise.

These excursions do not need to be taken as true marches against the clock, activity also practiced in our mountains following established itineraries and subject to a time and route discipline. Leaving apart the healthiness of such activity, we recommend to let yourselves go without any rush and pay attention to every detail, which will certainly teach us much more.


Camaleño Valley

The Camaleño Valley has the most varied natural landscapes than any other corner in Cantabria. Due to its special orographic location (a deep valley wedged between the Cantabrian Mountains and the Picos de Europa), there is a large number of microclimates, which makes it a mosaic of endless atmospheres.

Along with a spectacular geography and a unique natural heritage, the set of villages that comprise this valley (with its historical, ethnographic and architectural values) constitute a set of attractions whose uniqueness can be admired from the six proposed walks and excursions.

We are aware that it is not possible to summarize all the possibilities that the valley offers in these walks and excursions but at least we have included those that can be enjoyed by those guests who want to use La Posada as the starting point and forget about the limitations linked to the use of the car.

Posada San Pelayo
39587 San Pelayo Cantabria (España)
Tel. (+34) 942 733 210
Móvil: (+34) 615 604 895
Email: informacion@posadasanpelayo.com

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